Drawing Board: “Free Education”

Just a place to publicly work out a plan for free or severely reduced prices in higher education.

Higher education has always been… silly to me? Sure, it can give you skills and knowledge, both valuable tools, but held randsom. By people looking to make slaves through a new form of indentured servitude. 

In days past, indentured servitude took the form of sponsoring an immigrant and then using your finincial situation over him or her to create a type of slave. 

Todays slavers (Politicions and lendors) play the same game. They sponsor an educational immigrant (student), often through credit and loans that are way overpriced and leaves many students paying off massive debts well into the future. 

This is particularly agregious, they are weighing down these people in their prime. At a time when they are most creative and filled with energy. at a time when they should either be fighting for their place in old hierarchies, or discovering and creating new ones. Instead they are herded into jobs at slave wages and forced into using their youth in service of some giant corporate hierarchy. A hierarchy thats too big to look at them as anything less than a number in their quest for more wealth and power. 

So in an effort to fix this injustice i turn now to the “rent seeking” bourgeoisie Universities, who seem to be able to make higher education more expensive at a rate out pacing inflation. How though? 

How is it a place that supposedly wants socialism (though, it would seem,  socialism of a bourgeoisie nature), also finds a way to constantly overcharge? After some quick look at the arguments, laws, and systems in education, i realized it was due to many micromonopolies that seperated the teacher from the student. Hundreds of mouths that must be fed, without any real contribution to production, before the teacher is finally allowed to share their experience with the students and the world. 

This problem of course has been created by government who in an effort to standardize learning inadvertently locked in a now antiquated system of learning.

Like any other antique the care required increases and gets ever more expensive, locking out those who do not have the privilege of a economically capable mommy and daddy or the privilege of a government hand out. The time has come for a change that can benefit anyone and everyone. I think even one that can benefit our brothers and sisters around the world. 

Education Reform

 1. Wipe away all laws defining a teacher. 

I know, sounds a little radical, but bare with me for a second here. Don’t go running and screaming quite yet. What is a teacher anyway? Oxford defines it as :a person who teaches, especially in a school  
By this definition we all become teachers at some point for we all have something to teach. Why then is there so much beaurocracy behind teaching?

With the rise of youtube and streaming services, we have seen an explosion of quality entertainment. Youtube created a platform where everyone can express their voice equally. Lately, in an attempt to monatize it they have allowed that to be mucked up by corporations who pay to be ranked up in your search results. In this platform there was also a new way toshare skills and knowledge: many educational channels have sprung up as a result, proffesors can now reach bigger audiences through youtube and like services.

For a while i used to supplement a lecture at my local community college with one done by a proffesor at berkeley. Though attendance was mandatory i sometimes found i better understood a topic when it was explained again by a berkeley proffesor. Sometimes i found my own teachers method easier to understand. Through the beauty of the internet i was able to find a free tutor for the times i was struggling. Why then are vast expensive universities the mark of a good teacher? I would argue that it is not and that we should aim instead to create a platform that allows all teachers to openly share their skills to the world.

Already people talk about being “youtube certified” to do something. In this, they express that they have been given an expertise in something through “how to…” videos and the like. 

Now your thinking, “But… how do you ensure an educational standard?”

I’m glad you asked Mr. Hypothetical. You see that segways into my next…. point(?)….idea(?)

2. Government should provide a standardized test instead of accredidation. 

You see the governement should have no hand in and provide no money for HOW one recieves education. Instead the money should be funneled into other areas or returned to the people. One of the ways it should be used is to provide testing centers where any person, homeless or otherwise, can come in and recieve acknowledgement that they know the material. 

this will provide an ease of access to a higher education for everyone. Even a homeless person could read through a textbook at their local library and “pass a class”. Doing this will allow anyone from any school or lack there off to get a degree. It will also have the added benefit of allowing us to look and see if ivy league schools really provide a better education than other schools by piting every student against one another in how much they know the material. It will also allow us to ensure that no person recieves a degreee merely cause daddy owns the school. Each person will be forced to stand on their own merit. No cheating, no abuse of power, no need for a huge price tag. 

Think of the freedom that will come, one can listen to or watch a series of lectures, read a series of books, and recieve acknowledgement for the information they know. Every person young or old will benefit. It will allow for such a continueing education boom that we will see our advances in technology and our production levels spike to a yet unforseen amount as people are now incentivized to continually educate themselves and improve their skills unabated by huge price tags or forced attendance in non practical classes. This frees more students up to pursue other past times, from work to consumption it will allow more people more leasure and would extend and solidify a more fair economic ladder . 

As ALL my rich friends and aquaintences have always said, “its not who you are, its who you kknow.” This will greatly reduce that possibility . 

3. Expand libraries and their computer labs.

Really we could probably convince most companies to donate in some way shape or form. Convince Dell and the like that they want the PR from donating computers. Put tags on everything from chairs to computers indicating who donated it so that the labs also double as a place for long lasting advertizement. 

In the money we slowly funnel away from the universities we can instead invest into libraries. Providing easier access to computers and libraries will alllow even the homeless to recieve an education, should they be so inclined. 

In conclusion i seek not to change the system of university learning; merely to expand higher education in general. If we can expand education in this way then we would lower the demand for college and therefore its cost. 


“Won’t this lead to a massive layoff in teachers?” 

Ehh… maybe? Did youtube cause a layoff of Actors? Did Netflix end movie theaters? No, they merely expanded that reach and power to the common people. This will allow teachers to work with students from home. Allow them to monatize their lectures through commercials, superchats, and patreon. Patreon supporters can access the teachers private discord if they want. Those whos services as a teacher are no longer needed can instead spend time tutoring if they feel so inclined. They can provide that one on one help that may be needed to better understand or add guidance to ones learning.

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